” When my wife and I began to struggle in our relationship of over 20 years, Don Goodman came into our lives very unexpectedly. He immediately helped us both create a safe environment in which we could both work through our issues independently and become at peace with ourselves. He then brought us together as a couple with a renewed value in ourselves and the ideals of a truly intimate marriage. Today we continue to progress through our renewed relationship and grow closer as a couple each day. If you believe that there are angels amongst us who guide us through difficult times, then Don Goodman would be one. ”

” In a world with many therapists, it is nice to have a healer. Donald Goodman is that kind of therapist. He creates an atmosphere that allows for discovery, acceptance and renewal. I am truly grateful to have found Donald when I did. The teacher did appear when the student was ready! ”

” Donald really helped out with the relationship between my mother and myself. There were decades of issues that we had never addressed and a history of addiction. Donald went out of his way to facilitate a breakthrough for my Mom and I. He is genuine and relate-able while being extremely insightful into the dynamics of family relationships. We are so grateful for his involvement in our lives! ”

” Being somewhat new to family counseling, Donald has been a great help to me and my relationship. Donald has helped me recognize things to look for in relationship that are not relationship problems but my own issues and fears.

Donald has been very easy to talk to and he is someone I can relate to, not only a counselor but as a person who is truly committed in helping me work towards being a better person. ”

” Donald Goodman is a therapist with the right amount of insight and compassion to help me on my path to wholeness. ”

” Connie was instrumental in saving my life!  I have worked with Connie for approximately four years and our time together has helped me navigate through very challenging life events.  Her understanding nature, nonjudgmental approach and knowledge and experience are instrumental in my continued progress toward a fulfilling life of happiness, serenity and acceptance. – Mike ”

” I have had the privilege of being a client of Connie Hall’s several times over the past decade or more.  When I felt I needed to go back into treatment four years ago, there was no question that I would return to her once again.  Over the years, I have worked with her both individually and as part of a couple and have always found her warm and compassionate, but never hesitating or shrinking from the tough issues. ”

” Connie has a wonderful gift of being able to speak into challenging truths while remaining gentle and hearable at all times.  I have and would continue to refer to her anyone looking for a terrific therapist. ”

” Jeff basically saved our marriage.  When we first came to him, I was on verge of walking out the door on my husband. Not only did he teach us how to communicate in a healthier way, but he also provided with ‘tools’ on how to problem-solve issues in our marriage… -Karen and Richard ”

” My teenage daughter started cutting on herself after a long, painful divorce which had a lot of domestic violence along the way. We saw a few therapists that focused on the cutting, but didn’t see the big picture. Jeff understood exactly what my family was going through, our culture and values, and most importantly the pain and anxiety my daughter was dealing with that lead to her cutting… – Junghee P ”

” You’ll know what I’m saying once you meet Jeff – he’s rock solid, compassionate, and knows his stuff…that’s the kind of therapist that worked for me.  – Bill H “