Roohinee Santram, LCSW

Roohinee Santram

Education and Experience

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (91977)
  • Masters of Social Work – California State University Northridge
  • Bachelor of Arts – Sociology with Concentration in Gender and Families
  • I have experience working with adults, teens, children and families that are dealing with issues such as trauma, family conflict, abuse, addiction and violence.

Treatment Areas

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse/Child Sexual Abuse
  • Custody/Co-Parenting Issues
  • Family Conflict/Relationship Issues

If you are reading this, then you have already taken the first step to addressing whatever challenge you are facing or questions you may be asking yourself.  Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your life and don’t know why or how to change it. Perhaps you know what the underlying issue is but are afraid to tackle it.  Maybe you struggle with co-parenting after a divorce or your teenager is self-harming and you want to help but don’t know how. Maybe you struggle with addiction or self-medicate to avoid dealing with emotional pain.

Change can occur in many different ways and while it is important to gain insight into why we do the things we do or why we struggle in certain areas, it is equally important to obtain the tools needed to change those behaviors and thought patterns so you can live your best life.

My approach uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, which are both Evidence Based practices.  Insight oriented therapy is also used when appropriate along with play therapy when working with young children.

About Me

While growing up in a small Village in a foreign Country with cultural differences, then moving to Toronto Canada as a teenager and finally settling in California as a young adult, one thing never changed: my desire to help those who are struggling in life. I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a therapist, but came to realize this after I began my work with children. I saw how therapy help children and their parents heal from difficult and sometimes very traumatic events and I wanted to be a part of that change, so I became a therapist.  My personal and professional experiences have given me a unique perspective and ability to relate to people from all walks of life.

Call me for a free consultation at 818 590-1349. I look forward to hearing from you.