Brian P. Wohlmuth, M.A., M.F.T.

brianTop Four Areas of Specialty

  • Childhood And Adolescent Issues
  • Special Education
  • Parent Effectiveness
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist (MFT #20448)
  • Master’s in Psychological Counseling, University Of Notre Dame
  • BA, Bowling Green State University
  • 25+ years counseling students with behavioral, social-emotional, psychological, and learning difficulties at a specialized (Non Public School) educational setting.
  • 25+ years as a private practicing clinician working with children, teens, parents, and those family dynamics which may contribute to a “presenting problem” or the “identified patient’s” acting out.
  • Completion of a two month rotation as a Military And Family Life Consultant, where short term, solution-focused, supportive counseling was provided to those children, who as do their parents, also serve our country.

Functioning as a clinician in both a special education setting, and privately owned practice, Brian has accumulated over 25+ years of understanding as a Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist. Whether his counseling be of the adult, child, adolescent, family, or couple variety, he believes that the therapeutic process should afford the client with an opportunity to experience a secure and trusting alliance. This means that each individual is unconditionally accepted with the belief that he or she has the capacity to change, and an accompanying ability to achieve those goals which lend themselves to an enhanced sense of well being.

When working with an adult who is courageously looking inward, and/or dedicated to the pursuit of a lifestyle alteration, Brian recognizes that his role as a psychotherapist is to become the facilitator of emotional growth, while concurrently providing an essential source of support. His treatment of children either identified as learning disabled, or diagnosed with a variety of social-emotional, behavioral, and psychological disturbances, has taught Brian that a collaborative/team approach is in the best interest of the child. He does not view any man, woman, teenager, or youngster as a thing to be rigidly molded, but rather looks upon each person as a unique individual to be respectfully unfolded.