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Relationship Compatibility Test | Couples Counseling Santa Clarita

17 Feb
Couples Counseling Santa Clarita

Couples Counseling Santa Clarita Many couples come into therapy and report relationship dissatisfaction and some don’t even know why. By taking this quiz you should be able to determine either why your relationship works well or what areas you struggle in. You are going to be asked three questions about each of the categories below […]

Ladies First

11 Dec

Written by Donald Goodman, LCSW Working in suburbia, where high priority is placed on family, I’ve been given the task of continually trying to find ways for marriages to remain intact and discover tools couples can utilize in that endeavor. The biggest challenge is addressing the disconnect between partners. Many couples have made the difficult […]

Stress, Anxiety, and Self Care

11 Dec

Written by Donald Goodman, LCSW Understanding the importance of self care is paramount in the helping profession despite the poor performance in this area. Unfortunately, the rest of society generally does even worse. Last month, when meeting with a successful CEO who was suffering from anxiety and stress because he was struggling to balance work […]

Are We Going To Make It?

11 Jul

Written by Donald Goodman, LCSW The short answer to this question is, “No one can answer that except the two of you.” However, if this question is being asked in your relationship here are some things to consider. Since the question above may be vague, a more appropriate question might be, “Are we ever going […]

Handling Disappointments in Relationships

15 Mar

Written by Donald Goodman, LCSW It is clear there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Unfortunately, as negative as it sounds, we all to some degree or another are settling for something less than our perfect mate. Before I offend everyone who believes that their relationship is good, let me clarify that this […]